16-19 MAY 2018

Wed to Sat, 10am-7pm,daily

Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center



Travel Visa Application

Foreigners (except for countries that are exempt from the visa) need a visa to travel to the Kingdom of Thailand. Exhibitors and visitors will need to complete an application to be completed one month before travelling to Thailand. Visa applicants must have a letter of invitation from the Organiser. Upon receiving the invitation, applicants must present a passport, latest photos, visa application form and other documents to the agency to apply for a visa.

For improving the visa policy of other countries, please visit: http://www.thaiembassy.org

For visitors who require a letter of invitation for Visa application to travel to MTA2018, please send the following details to Aekarach Rusamee - Aekarach.R@ubm.com

Email subject: MTA2018 Request for Letter of Invitation
* Scanned copy of your business card and passport
* Full name (as in passport)
* Passport Number
* Nationality
* Job Title
* Company Name
* Company Address, City and Country
* Telephone
* Fax

If your request is successful, a copy of your Letter of Invitation will be emailed to you.
Request for a Letter of Invitation along with the required information and documents must reach the Organiser by 25 April 2018.