Visitor FAQs

1. What are the opening hours of the exhibition?

The exhibition’s opening hours are:
8 – 11 May 2019 (Wed – Sat): 10am – 7pm

2. Is there a dress code to observe?

We seek your understanding that this is a trade (business-to-business) event and that visitors should be in proper business attire. Visitors in shorts, bermudas, flip-flops/slippers will not be allowed entry into the exhibition.
The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission, without prejudice, to visitors who are deemed to be inappropriately dressed.

3. I will like to be kept updated on MTA2019. How do I subscribe to be on your mailing list to receive brochures on

the exhibition and eNewsletters for free?

Please join our mailing list and we will keep you updated on the event. 

4.  How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?

Email to Ms Aekarach Rusamee at [email protected] with the information below:
* Email subject line: Unsubscribe from MTA Mailing List
* Include your full name (i.e. first name and surname), company, job title, full mailing address, country and email address

5. I want to visit MTA2019 exhibition. How do I register for it?

Before the Show – You can pre-register your visit by completing the Visitor Pre-Registration form.
During the Show – If you have not pre-registered online and would like to visit the exhibition, please bring along your business card and obtain a visitor ticket for registration at the Visitor Registration area during show days (8 – 11 May 2018) at BITEC. Do note that you must be from the relevant trade. Click here for relevant visitor profile.

6. Is there any entrance fee payable to visit the exhibition?

This exhibition is open to trade visitors only and there is no charge to visit the exhibition.

7. I have registered online for the exhibition and did not get a reply after 1 working day. How can I check on the status of my online pre-registration?

Email to: Ms Aekarach Rusamee – [email protected]
Email subject line: MTA2019 Status of Online Pre-registration

In order for us to check on your pre-registration record, please provide the following information as submitted during your pre-registration:
* Full Name
* Company Name
* Email Address

8. I am a pre-registered visitor. Due to some reasons, I am unable to visit the exhibition. Can I get my colleague/friend/relative to attend on my behalf?

No. Your pre-registration is approved based on your personal information and is strictly non-transferrable. You will be required to produce the necessary documents/ID for verification purposes during the collection of your visitor badge.

9. I need to apply for a Travel Visa to enter Thailand for MTA2019. I have been told by the
Singapore Mission nearest to me that I need a Letter of Introduction from the Organiser. Who can I contact to obtain this Letter of Introduction?

You may email to Ms Aekarach Rusamee at [email protected] with the following information:
* Email subject line:  MTA2019 – Request for Letter of Introduction  
* Full Name (as in passport)
* Passport/Travel Document Number
* Nationality
* Job Title
* Company Name
* Company’s Registered Address
* Contact Number(s)
* Scanned copy of your Business/Name Card
* Scanned copy of your Passport

Requests for a Letter of Introduction along with the required information and documents must reach the Organiser by 4 April 2019.